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Pickels & Spices

Pickles blog is a journey of culinary discovery. Learn more about pickles and spices from the perspective of a Malay cook.<click

Malay Cuisine

The traditional culinary style has been greatly influenced by long-ago traders from Indonesia, India, the Middle-East and China. Many of the spices and ingredients essential in Malay cooking were introduced by Indians and Arabs…spices such as pepper, ginger, cardamom. Malay food also varies quite significantly across the country. Each of the 13 Malaysian states has ist native specialties. Malay curries are delicately flavoured with various herbs and leaves – serai or lemon grass, lengkuas or galangal, daun limau purut or fragrant lime leaf etc. The mainstay of every meal is rice<click

Traditional Malay Kuih Recipes Ebook

Kuih Recipes

Recipes are as free as air on the internet but if there is one thing we all agree on, it is this – you cSee full size imageannot find anywhere where 101 recipes of sweet and savoury Malay recipes come together, all explained to you in simple and step-by-step instructions and with colorful pictures.<click

// –>

Recipe Zaar

It is FREE and easy! We only require an email address to uniquely identify you. Create a personal cookbook. Save your favorite recipes in one place, create shopping lists, plan your meals, make friends and more. It’s safe! We’ve been in business since 1999, without a single incident. Our customers are completely safe.<click

Aneka Resipi Masakan Indonesia

Resep masakan. Kumpulan resep masakan ini kami himpun dari berbagai sumber seperti internet dan majalah resep masakan. Sebagian juga merupakan sumbangan dari teman ataupun engunjung blog resep masakan ini. Resep-resep masakan yang ada di sini merupakan resep yang sudah populer, banyak dikenal orang dan banyak di cari melalui media internet.<click

Mesra Net Resepi

A directory of Malay  Recipes without requirement of any membership. Comprehensive directories and informations.<click

Resipi Melayu

Its totally a chef blog. The administrator of this blog is not like me.  He or she spents much time cooking that a lot of important things are missing in the blog like the introduction etc, but you can find handful of good Malay recipe here..good luck!<click


Resipi DianaSee full size image

Koleksi Resipi Pilihan Diana mengetengahkan resipi pilihan Diana yang telah mendapat pujian ramai. Keutamaan diberikan kepada resipi-resipi yang telah dicuba dan ternyata sedap. Lelaman ini adalah untuk menambah koleksi resipi masakan kepada yang berminat dalam bidang ini, disamping untuk mengekalkan dan memperkenalkan resipi masakan Melayu terutama kepada generasi muda. Semoga ia dapat dimanfaatkan oleh semua yang minat memasak. <click

My Resipi

Tempat untuk berkongsi resepi.Ada resepi menarik, ada masakan yang mana anda berminat untuk di kongsi bersama. Jom kita sama-sama berkongsi resipi di web ini. Mudah saja, Daftar (percuma) dan kemudian isikan resipi-resipi anda tersebut, dan selepas itu nantikan komen-komen daripada mereka yang mencuba resipi anda itu. Pendaftaran adalah percuma tak perlu bayar apa-apa pun. <click

Masak Masak Blogspot

masak-masak is a cottage game played by young girls whereby they pretend to cook delicious dishes from imaginary ingredients and plastic utensils. This blog covers my culinary adventures and everything else. <click


This blog does not only have a handful of  Malay recipe but also the blogger’s review on quiet handful of restaurants in KL.  It has also some Malay petuas especially on cooking.  No blog’s introduction what so ever.  You’ll get lost in the blog but it’s informative anyway… <click


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