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Performing Arts

Anmoro Performing Arts

Anmaro Performing Arts (Anmaro Asia Arts) presents Asian performing arts. It was founded in 1985 and established in Amsterdam. We have more than 20 years experience in producing, promoting and touring traditional, modern and contemporary Asian music, dance and theatre in Europe, and creating Asian performing arts projects. We see the promotion of Asian creative talents as the core of our activities.Anmaro Asia Arts


ASWARA is the only institute of higher learning in Malaysia that provides formal training courses in the arts, culture and heritage to Malaysians to birth future scholars, thinkers, writers, motivators and artists who are knowledgeable, professional, resilient and highly capable.Aswara

Laman Tari AZANIN

SUASANA CULTURAL CENTRE is an Art and Culture Resource Centre with the prime objective of preserving,nurturing, developing and promoting Malaysia ‘s historical and cultural experience. A centre for the arts, SUASANA is deeply committed to all aspects of the performing arts. Under the leadership of the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer – Datin Azanin Dato Ahmad, SUASANA has brought Malaysia ‘s performing arts to international status. SUASANA is now located at the most pristine and exquisite natural site with full artistic infrastructures – Performing Arts Gallery, Stage, Production House, and Research and Training facilities. Suasana

Sri Warisan Som Said

Sri Warisan is a performing arts company founded by renowned cultural Medallion recipient, Madam Som Said. Sri Warisan, formed in 1997, is one of the pivotal forces in Singapore’s Malay dance scene. Blending rich traditional forms with contemporary techniques is Sri Warisan’s trademark. Its performers are trained to excel in multi-disciplinary art forms such as dance, music, theatre and multi-media. Sri Warisan Som Said


Sriwana was formed in 1950 as a Keroncong Party (a traditional Malay Orchestra). Its activities were mainly to entertain guests at wedding parties and taking part in cultural shows organised by local educational bodies, especially the Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM), with whom Sriwana was affiliated, to raise fund. Sriwana

Syofyani’s WSumatera Dance & Music E

This group was first established on February 15, 1962 by some students of Andalas University and the Institute of Teacher Training and Education ( IKIP ) Padang, who had just come back from taking part a student cultural festival in Bali.  Syofyani who was still student at that time, was also one of the initiator of the group. Because of her talent as a dancer and a choreographer, as well as being very active member in group, she was appointed leader. All of the activities of the group took place in Bukittinggi, because Syofyani was studying at the English Department of IKIP Padang in Bukittinggi.Syofyani’s West Sumatera Dance & Music Esemble

Malay Heritage Center

The Malay Heritage Centre project is part of the government initiative where each of the main ethnic communities in Singapore is encouraged to have their own heritage centre.  As Singapore develops rapidly, complete with the challenges of globalisation and technological advancement, awareness and appreciation of our own cultural roots and ethnic identities, and sense of belonging as a nation are said to run the risk of slowly being eroded.

KL Performing Arts Center

In May 2004 three organisations – Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia, YTL Corporation Berhad and The Actors Studio Malaysia – set out to build a common platform to develop the performing arts in Malaysia.  That platform is the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), or PentasSeni KL. klpac is a not-for-profit company dedicated to the practice of traditional and contemporary performing arts, as well as education and community outreach.KLPac


Opened to the public since mid-August 1989, MATIC offered a wide range of facilities and services to assist tourists in planning unforgettable holidays in Malaysia. It also enabled them to experience the essence of Malaysia within the Complex through the various cultural shows and demonstrations. On February 16, 2001, the name was changed and the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) or also known as Pusat Pelancongan Malaysia, was born. matic

The Actor Studio

The Actors Studio, established in 1989, is at the forefront of Malaysian theatre. Founders Joe Hasham and Dato’ Faridah Merican created theatre history in establishing Malaysia’s first privately owned and operated theatre spaces. In their respective roles as Artistic Director and Executive Producer of klpac, they are responsible for ensuring klpac’s vision as the performing arts heart of the community, making quality live theatre accessible to all Malaysians. Actor Studio

My Photo

Saloran Seni

ARTS Channel – SALORan SENI is mainly dedicated to the research and writing works by Dr.Zulkifli Mohamad and others. The Arts Channel Journal also serves as notice board for arts events. Zulkifli has contributed to various journals and newspapers including, New Straits Times, Malay Mail, Jakarta Post, SEAMEO-SPAFA Journal, Djakarta, SEASREP Bulletin, E-ASEAN News, Jakarta-Java Kini and KOSMO newspaper(Saturday).saloranseni


Istana Budaya

Istana Budaya


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