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The Story Teller Pt 2

I am optimistic and sentimental to the point of being annoying, especially to people who think that being cynical and cold is cool. Everyday, I thank Allah for everyday things like the ability to breathe, the ability to love, the ability to laugh, and the ability to eat and drink. Yasmin Ahmad

Tempurung Pecah

ramai yang kata kita ibarat katak di bawah tempurung. tidak ambil tahu dan tidak mahu tahu dengan kewujudan alam luar dari tempurung kepala kita. pecahkan tempurung itu! galaksi dan diri pasti bersatu. alam semesta berada di atas awan di apung gunung di bahu gergasi berdiri di telapak tangan manusia di hujung jari bayi di atas tikar mengkuang terbentang di lautan inzal yang lebih jauh….aku yakin itu.   Mamat Khalid


I watch most of the malay films that come out and i admit, some of them are pretty bad… but to be fair, some of them are decent bordering on great. I make the effort because i care about the industry and the country, and in the off chance there is a gem in our midst. There are some interesting filmmakers coming through to the mainstream ranks from the indie scene and this i feel will make the industry stronger. Afdlin Shauki

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Filem Kita

Himpunan pelbagai maklumat berkaitan seni perfileman Malaysia, Nusantara dan antarabangsa. Dapatkan artikel, ulasan filem, fakta menarik, jaringan laman web, panduan seni filem dan banyak lagi.  Juga himpunan poster filem, gambar dari filem, pilihan dialog menarik, lirik lagu istimewa, komentar penonton, serta promosi filem terbaru.Filem

Malay Movies Blogspot

Could not get any info of  the blog owner or any introduction post.. This blog contains mostly review of current Malay movies production.  By the way the blog owner also operates few other sites.. can tell that this guy is a geek but not so good in PR.  Who are you?Malay Movies

Malay Warrior

This blog is all about movies but has a specific category that specialise in Malay movies and drama under Malay Entertainment Stuff.  It also updates with Malay TV series, Malay and Indonesia Movies and Cekerama.Malay Warrior

Anak Wayang

My journey through life as a journalist, cartoonist, entrepreneur and filmmaker. My thoughts on the industry – both local and global – and my two cents worth on anything else.

Movie Theater

The Golden Age of Malay Cinema

P Ramlee’s Movies

A tribute to P Ramlee is a cyber musuem that was developed by Felix Entertainment DotCom. It is arguably Asia’s premier entertainment showbiz portal. We are entertainment content creator specialize in arts, entertainment, showbiz and leisure with a niche for high profile, prestigious and par excellence products. The main objective is to provide innovative content choices and value-added services for the entertainment industry. It was founded by Zaidi @ Zaedi Zolkafli.PR

Malay Film Productions

After the war, film production picked up again, not only all over Asia but also in Singapore where both Chinese and Malay films were made. In 1947, ‘Seruan Medeka’, an effort by Film Melayu Art Productions, proved to be mildly successful. This prompted the Shaws to reopen their pre-war studio at No.8, Jalan Ampas (above) to produce Malay movies. Under the banner of ‘Malay Film Production Limited’ (MFP), the Shaws aimed to dominate the Malay film market with quality productions. This move ushered in the period known as ‘The Golden Age of Malay Cinema’ during which over 300 films were produced.MFP

Cathay Classics

Cathay Organisation’s history as the forerunner in the local movie entertainment industry reeled off on 18 July 1935 when it was incorporated in colonial Singapore as Associated Theatres Ltd.  Its first cinema, The Pavilion, opened in Kuala Lumpur in 1936.  Significant events started taking shape. Three years later, curtains were raised at The Cathay Cinema on 3rd October to an audience of more than a thousand who watched the premiere of “The Four Feathers” in Singapore’s first air-conditioned cinema housed in Singapore’s first skyscraper, the Cathay Building. Cathay-Keris Films has released 10 titles from its Malay Classics Film Library through Comstar Home Entertainment for exclusive distribution in the territory of Singapore only.

If you are interested in distributing these and other Malay classic titles in your territory, please send us a fax at (65) 6732 2587 or email us at

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Singapore Malay Film Society

The Singapore Malay Film Society, (SMFS) is a newly minted non-official group. Started out as a Facebook group formed in May 2008 by Volunteers ranging from Professionals to Hobbyist to support and develop the rapidly growing film industry in Singapore. Through this group, we hope to churn out more Malay Films in Singapore.   SMFS aims to: Gather Filmmakers, Contacts, Film Works. Organize Screening Events, Overseas Film Trips, Competitions & Workshops. Market and Promote any of our Filmmakers and their works.




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