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Malay Almanac

This is a proposed festivals planner for a calendar year on the significant Malay festivals and meets.  Location of the festivals are on rotation basis amongst participative countries. This is just an idea. Please feel free to give yours.

Jan       ‘Pencak Silat’  & Taqraw Championship

Wk 1              Pencak Silat & Taqraw

Wk 2              Pencak Silat & Taqraw

Wk 3              Pencak Silat & Taqraw

Wk 4              Championship Finale


See full size image

Feb      International Kites Fest & Top Spinning

Wk 1              Traditional Kite Competition

Wk 2             Traditional Top Spinning Competition

Wk 3             International Kite Competition

Wk 4             International Kite Competition

Mar      Boat Regatta & Ship Building 

Wk 1               Boat/traditional ships parade

Wk 2              Dragon Boat Competition

Wk 3              Regatta Fishing Boat

Wk 4              Sailing Boat  

Apr      Song & Music Fest

Wk 1              Keronchong

Wk 2              Gamelan/Menora

Wk 3              Ghazal/Zapin

Wk 4              Joget/inang  

May     Literature/Writers’ Almanac Symposium

Wk 1              Historical and Classical  Books

Wk 2              Contemporary Novels

Wk 3              Poems & Poetry

Wk 4              Recital, Discussion


June    Herbs, Massage & Culinery Affairs

Wk 1              Herbs (Rempah Ratus/Jamu/Traditional Medics)

Wk 2              National Level Culinery Competition

Wk 3              International Level Herbs & Culinery Display

Wk 4              International Championship

July      Arts & Crafts Exhibition

Wk 1              Arts (Canvas Drawings)

Wk 2              Photography Display

Wk 3             Wood Carvings & Pewters

Wk 4             Keris & Other weaponary

Aug     Wayang Kulit & Performance Arts  

Wk 1              Wayang Kulit & Theaterical shows

Wk 2            Wayang Kulit & Theaterical shows

Wk 3            Wayang Kulit & Theaterical shows

Wk 4             Championship Finale

Sep      Ramadhan & Syawal Months

Wk 1              Youth International Nasheed Competition

Wk 2              Youth International Quran Reading Competition

Wk 3             International Nasheed Competition

Wk 4             International Quran Reading Competition

Oct     Malay Films Festival

Wk 1             Malay Film Show 

Wk 2            Malay Film Show   

Wk 3           Malay Film Show

Wk 4           Malay Film Award


Nov      Fabrics, Clothing & Batik Exhibition

Wk 1            Songket

Wk 2            Batik  

Wk 3            Traditional Costume

Wk 4            Miss Malay International 


Dec      Architechture & Design

Wk 1              Modern Building with Malay concept

Wk 2              Kampung House

Wk 3              Heritage Palaces

Wk 4              The Best Malay Kampung  & The best Neo Malay House Design Competition





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