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Brunei History Center

Tag: Brunei

In order to achieve the policy and objectives of establishing the History Centre, the centre has stated her vision to make this department as a Resource Institution and a Centre for research, documentation, study, publication and exhibition on the History of Brunei Darussalam.To make the History Centre as a Resource Institution and a centre for research, collection, documentation, study, publication and exhibition on the History of Negara Brunei Darussalam, for informations obtained would produce the truth and authenticity in the History of Brunei as a result of the efforts made for promoting and strengthening the nation-building. It is also to unite the national spirit of allegiance among the people of Brunei towards their ruler, religion and nation.

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Melayu Online

Tag: Malay Indonesia

The main web portal of the Malay data on history, cultures, customs, heritage as weel as the current events. The Research and development Center for Malay Culture has launched the site. A portal for the Malay world. The design of te portal is the realization of one of its programs , namely digging, gaining, maintaining and eternalizing all culture which are still valid or those that once existed in the past,” said the head of the center, H Mahyudin Al Mudra SH MM. <Click here to enter>

Raja Ali Haji

Bugis-Malay prince who, as a scholar and historian, led a renaissance in Malay letters in the mid-19th century. Tuhfat al-Nafis…dan Bugis (1865; “Malay and Bugis Genealogy”). His most outstanding contribution to learning, however, is the history begun by his father that he rewrote and expanded as the Tuhfat al-Nafis (c. 1866; “Precious Gift”), which remains an invaluable source for the history of the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra. Raja Ali<click here

Raja Menangis

Tag: Raja

Anyway, the site is rich with historical facts on Malay Monarchy in Malaysia. There are articles about Sultans of different states, articles of historical and political milestones happened that changed the facet of Malay Kingdom and malay population. There were also some theories of Malay historical facts, for example, the thoery that Hang Li Po was not actually a daughter of the Emperor of China, but insteads she could be any of the daughters of the Palace officials.

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A History of Malay Peninsular

Tag: Malay Peninsular

The Sejarah Melayu Library is perhaps the largest public on-line collection of books and other documents on the history of the Malay archipleago and its surrounding region. Consisting of over 300 books and academic papers in electronic PDF format.<click here

Classic Malaya

Tag: Old Pictures

Welcome to “Classic Malaya” a photographic tribute to Malaysia’s past. Old pictures with stories behind them. This website is to remind us about those people and places, so that they don’t just disappear with the passing of time. Some of the places are gone. But some of them are still with us – you can see some of them in the ‘Then and Now’ section of this website. I hope you take the trouble to go to these places, to appreciate them, to enjoy them. For all you know, tomorrow they may only exist within the pictures in this website.. <click here

Sejarah Kerajaan Melayu Patani

Tag: Patani

Jika lahirnya buku Sejarah Kerajaan Melayu Patani yang sekecil ini menjadi satu daripada amal-amal soleh yang kekal, maka amal-amal itu saya hadiahkan kepada arwah raja-raja Melayu, panglima-panglima Melayu, pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu dan orang-orang Melayu Patani yang telah terkorban di medan perjuangan kerana mempertahankan kemerdekaan, bangsa dan nusa. Allah selamatkanlah negeri Patani. <Click here to enter>

Empayar Islam Benua Kedah

Tag: Kedah

Salam hormat dan selamat datang. Setelah mencapai 50 tahun kemerdekaan, kita masih lagi buta sejarah bangsa. Pasukan kami melihat kembali sejarah warisan bangsa dari versi tempatan, bukan versi barat. Usaha kami juga ke arah sejarah realiti negara, bukan lagi rekaan penjajah dan sekutunya.<Click here to enter>

Asal Usul Raja Ahmad

Blog ini adalah sebuah BLOG mengenai Kesultanan Johor Riau.  Dato Linggi atau nama sebenarnya RAJA AHMAD adalah sultan Johor Riau yang ke empat.  Secara ringkasnya, daripada kajian sejarah yang dilakukan di dapati bahawa Kesultanan Johor Riau mempunyai nasab dari keturunan ahlulbait RSAW (Melayu Arab) dan Bugis.  Ikutilah kisahnya dan kaitannya dengan sejarah NUSANTARA.  <click to enter

Malay Souvenier Blog

Welcome to the Malay-Souvenirs Blog! My name is RMKhalid, for short of Raja Muhammad Khalid Bin Raja Adnan. The main objective of this web log is to compile and share all information of the Malay people, their origin, countries, history, kingdoms, language, religion, culture, customs, martial arts, weapons, music, books, foods, sports, recreation, handicrafts, souvenirs and etc.<click to enter

Tracing Malay Ancestry

Tag:  Ancestry

Into A Harmony Of Unity

Cultures can die. Dying cultures attest to colonizability of the people they represent. In Palembang on Bukit Siguntang-Mahameru Pu Aton staked herself as a descendant of Pateh Gajah Mada, the warrior-premier of Majapahit who swore before his Queen he would unite the Malay Archipelago or die encased in eternal disgrace. Pu Aton believed she was eternal and tried to simplify the bewildering wayang (shadow play) someone staged on the benchmark of the region’s history. <Click here to enter>

Malaysian History Blog

Tag:  Malaya

Celebrating merdeka

31 August 2007 is the 50th Merdeka celebrations. We use this moment as an opportunity to reflect our nation’s history, to be mindful of our current situation, and to express hopes for our future. Since this is a blog, we welcome any comments, add information or give your arguments.

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Seni Lama Melayu

Tag: Malay Traditional Architechture

Dari Sudut Jendela Ilmu

Although this blogspot was originally built to feature things regarding olden Malay architecture especially that on old houses, this scribe found out that there’s many other things to be shared… Places or buildings with its own unique traces of art, seen while travelling everywhere.<Click here to enter>

Berpetualang ke Aceh n Catatan Si Merah Silu

ISBN 978-983-42031-2-2, November 2007

Imagine this… A pure mathematics graduate from the University College of London who previously never made any writing except what was demanded at examinations suddenly found himself totally losing interest in hard science, pulled instead towards spiritual thoughts. Thus not knowing what next, he became a journalist for the major Malaysian daily The New Straits Times and actually stayed there for 5 years. After a while circumstances initiated him into the mysteries of Sufism, another word for Islamic spirituality… Also he was pulled to study his roots so much so that he started vi siting and sleeping at old tombs all around Malaysia. Now he is a full-time writer but prefers to call himself a full-time bum as it is easier to explain what he is up to that way… That should do…<Click here to enter>



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