memores acti prudentes futuri

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This website is a wake up call for Malays and for those who belief there is a need for Malay cause! GEMPAMELAYU shakes the normalcy of each individual Malay to look into our common issues and redefining new Malay identity in the context of Muslim World values and the Western management  practices. Inevitably, Malay has been undergoing massive processes of change in its cultures, societies and political/economics positioning as part of larger population of mixed ethnicity in its individual country. There have been escalating issues embedded with the contemporary Malay survival in each country.  The challenges are lack of political representation of their rights, economics biasness and prejudice by other dominant groups, exposed to assimilation, absorption and integration  which lead to losing tracks of own religion, culture and customs. These challenges have created a discourse identity of the Malay which has detrimental effects on the individual well being . Malay communities scattered across the continents are not connected.  They experiencing minimal contacts, in terms of bilateral trades, partnership in education, research and science studies, and arts and cultural development. Thus, in isolation each community faces a common issue of discourse of identity which generate the concern: the certainties of its future generation.

In understanding this, there are some Malay communities that have made great efforts in preserving  the distinct folk cultures, traditional values and customs of once Great Malay civilization. Despite of this, still little effort has been made on the second stage,i.e, unifying efforts in important areas of human development. The progress of Malay in compared with the  development of  Western industrilization is very much a laggard. Nevertheless, the development of existing global recession, anticipated to be one the worst ever, is actually a signal of the failure of Western economics and industrialization framework. Understanding this, the Islamic economics and industrialization approach  has become a new alternative.  Islam has been Malay last level of defense.  The Malay should take advantage of the opportunity and together nestled itself on top level of world’s society.

GEMPAMELAYU continues on the second stage, as a portal of unifying Malays across the globe.  Channelling their  focus in new thinking, broad 360 views, leapfrog ideas, all in all to lift up the spirit of Hang Tuah in each of individual person claimed to be a Malay. GEMPAMELAYU is a serious wording. It is a self explanatory on the new urgency of rethinking and rebuilding an evolving Malay framework of values and standards for the quantumleap of  Malay worldwide. The word “Gempa” means massive shattering of earthquake to disturb the malaise condition of Malay from all walk of life, from farmers, to scholar. Alarming incidences that involved morality and loss of characters especially amongst the Malay youth are actually signals sent to us as shockwaves.  The need  of paradigm shift to better face the era of globalization. We have become the new endangered species. It is time to awaken from the state of oblivion, complacency, disunity for a great cause.

memores acti prudentes futuri

is a Latin word which translate, ” mindful of what has been done, aware of what will be”. The tag-line described the need to understand and appreciate past culture heritage in order to be prepared as the new citizen of the modern world.  GEMPAMELAYU is a portal connecting readers to essential dynamic and credible sites of Malay heritage resource centers, Islam resource centers as well as science/technology portals. In addition, research on relevant articles of interests especially of ‘uncharted water’ (shock and awe news) is intergral part of the website . In another word, GEMPAMELAYU’S interests will mainly on exploration and discovery of articles, websites and news that are not highlighted by other similar portals.  Amazing quotes by famous people and quotes of GEMPAMELAYU are words of aspiration for the cause of Malay. The ‘Pantang Larang’ page is a list of Malays’ prohibitions, and the reasons behind them.  “Precious Gifts” are collection of things/ideas/poems that deemed to the best ever gift a person could have.  The books review section, are books recommended by GM which may have a little or a lot relevancy in redefining Malay identity, understanding its issues and challenges.  In addition, another page “Uniquely Malay’ is about generalising the Malay population on certain habits or lifestyle that uniquely belongs to the race.  Putera Sulung Selatan, a fictional tale of classical Malay prince is published on stage by stage basis (monthly) as GEMPAMELAYU’s attempt to teleport readers to appreciate classical Malay language. This is considered the dessert of the mouthful meal.

GEMPAMELAYU acts as a bridge between disporas Malays, as well as a  link  from our past culture to  the future living of humankind, bypassing whatever  in  the middle.

GEMPAMELAYU is a beginning of a more interactive inter Malay communities social networking. In the near future, major projects/events have been considered in the pipelines viewed as important and relevant in materializing the underlying reasons of the creation of GEMPAMELAYU’s website.






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