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Keirin 2008/9 World Champion: Awang

“I am an extraordinary person writing in ordinary manners.There’s nothing much about me actually except for my superhero powers such as the super strong steel bones, my super fast speed on the bike, my unbelievable strength on the gym and the fact that I’m colour blind…and I’m taken by someone!”

Stumbled on this youtube while site seeing, and such wonderful discovery to know the current champion of World Men’s  Keirin is none other than an ‘Awang’.

Malaysian Azizul Hasni had proven than nothing is impossible for the Malays, when he won the Men’s Keirin event held early this year in Melbourne, Australia.

azizul hasni

The Trengganu born track sprint cyclist started his passion in cycling since he was four! It was kind of too young to be spotted but not until   he was 12th years old, he was then discovered by the National trainer, Rozimi Omar.

With the present given by his late forefather for his UPSR 4As and 1B achievement, he participated in his first cyclying event in Dungun. And since then he never turned back.  According to his parents, he had always been an aggressive child but nevertheless, he was an obedient child.

He is currently based in Australia and pursuing   Bachelor of Commerce / Sport Management Major Sequence at Deakin University.


Azizulhasni Awang was born on 5 of January 1988 in Dungun,Terengganu,MALAYSIA is a track cyclist representing MALAYSIA . He is a flag bearer for Malaysian team in Beijing Olympic Games. Azizulhasni,winner of gold medals in keirin and 200m sprints at the Asian Championships in April, finished as the best Asian finisher at the Beijing Olympics last month with a top eight finish.The 21-year-old, is among 2012 London Olympics gold medal prospects .He made a history when he won the main keirin final in the second-leg of the UCI Track World Cup in Melbourne to become the first-ever Malay­sian gold medallist at the World Cup stage.He hold the title of world cup leader in Keirin 2009,nevertheless his luck in World Championship Keirin was obscure but he conferred as a silver mendalist in Men Sprint in Track World Championship at Poland .

Ala ‘rempit’ ke ni?

From the Horse’s Mouth

Even so, for me as a cyclist, I don’t see it as an achievement for the entire cycling scene in our country. We’ve achieved something, but we’re not yet an established cycling nation.

To become that, we need to have a solid base right from the grassroots to the back-up and elite squads.

Right now, if we just look at our back-up squads, we don’t really have the numbers and the quality yet. This is also due to many of our best cyclists choosing to quit the sport to focus on work or academic pursuits.

This is because the base and structure we have in the country isn’t strong enough to sustain a big pool of riders, who can ride at a high level and sustain their involvement in the sport.

The sport loses out because there isn’t an industry to keep the riders in the sport, unlike what we’ve seen in Australia or in Europe.

To start with, only now do we see cycling making inroads into the national schools agenda.

Although not yet fully established, we’ve waited long enough for cycling to be part of schools in our country, just like football, badminton and other popular sports.

Imagine if this had been done five years ago. We’d now have battalions of junior road and track riders throughout the country.

Grassroots development is the most vital aspect in cycling, the same as any other sport. I know many have said this before, but the reality is, we’ve not taken it seriously enough in Malaysia.

We need a strong grassroots for the simple reason to build the numbers in our sport. Having the numbers will inevitably make it more competitive and eventually the products will be athletes with higher capabilities.

Once we’ve established the grassroots, then we must also look at how to market the sport so that it is well supported by the masses and the corporate sector.

Azizul Hasni

Meet thepocketrocketman.blogspot

GM: Dear Azizul, keep on unleashing your power, and make us proud! Do you think that size does matter?  Petite athlete produce great sprint super power, I think it does! Just look at the sportcars. Does Azizulhasni Awang’s extraordinary achievement in the world of sports based on the Malay’s myth ” Orang Melayu pantang dicabar?”….ThinkingThinkingThinking


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