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Activate your sense of sight, sounds, and smells;

Colour your life in the flora and fauna;

Feel the Pulse of Living Traditions;

Immerse in the aroma of traditional perfume garden;

For it is where Art and Nature Dance Together.

SUASANA CULTURAL CENTRE is an Art and Culture Resource Centre with the prime objective of preserving,nurturing, developing and promoting Malaysia ‘s historical and cultural experience. A centre for the arts, SUASANA is deeply committed to all aspects of the performing arts. Under the leadership of the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer – Datin Azanin Dato Ahmad, SUASANA has brought Malaysia ‘s performing arts to international status.

For the past 30 years, Azanin has brought Malay traditional dance to the fore through a series of elaborate dance dramas that have enthralled audiences locally and abroad.

SUASANA is now located at the most pristine and exquisite natural site with full artistic infrastructures – Performing Arts Gallery, Stage, Production House, and Research and Training facilities.

I live and breathe my characters when I go on stage, says Datin Azanin Ezane Ahmad.

SUASANA’s concept, performance repertoire and artistic approach are totally different from the mainstream and such an undertaking is actually normally branded as the SUASANA-AZANIN style of art creation. In her capacity as Artistic Director, Azanin has devoted much of her energy to researching the classical art forms and has presented original Dance Drama Theatre productions based on the results of her study. She has succeeded in presenting her performances of the classical genre in a new light. Such artistic endeavours include the unique ‘Makyong’ theatre, the Gamelan of Terengganu, the Gendang Terinai of Perlis, Silat (Malay art of self defence), and the Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet) theatre form.

Suasana Cultural Centre has produced several major nationally and internationally-acclaimed dance drama theatre productions – Dayang Sari, Jentayu, Putri Sa’dong, Cempaka Emas, Seri Rama-Siti Dewi, Keris, Kunang-Kunang Gunung Ledang, and Tun Fatimah. These masterpieces will once again be presented for the enjoyment of present dayaudiences.

Azanin’s creative work has helped to revive the beauty and essence of this suppressed and dying art, shedding new light on the indigenous culture. Her efforts in providing the stimulus to keeping this art form alive have made a great impression on lovers of the Arts locally and internationally.

In the world of dance, SUASANA has touched the hearts and minds of audiences not only in Malaysia but also overseas such as in the United Kingdom , USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Cambodia, and Singapore.

The main building features a museum of performing arts which displays items from past productions, from costumes to musical instruments.
The tranquil setting within which Laman Tari Azanin is housed.

Chalets have been built to accommodate those who wish to research the cultural heritage of the region, as the complex will also serve as a resource centre.


Saloran Seni


Link to Laman Tari Azanin

Those interested in attending Suasana’s classical dance classes or auditioning to be a part of its productions can call 03-9021 6088 or e-mail


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