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Loved n Beloved – Kartina Dahari

She is a one fabulous lady with a good sense of style, beautiful voice with a soft spoken personality.

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From the 1969 Extended Play record ‘ Mawar Melati’, this song is probably Kartina Dahari’s greatest hit and most popular song. The song was composed by Zubir Said and had been recorded later by other artists like Rafeah Buang and Ning Baizura. Kassim Masdor arrangement of the song into kroncong and Kartina beautiful delivery made this song an everlasting classic.
Video by Roem Ahmad, Switzerland, January 2008.

KERONCONG RINDU – Kartina Dahari (EMI, 2007)


● Kisah Cinta ● Aksi Kucing ● Jangan Di Tanya ● Rojak Ulek ● Rindu ● Jauh Di Mata ● Bunga Melor ● Dari Hati Ke Hati ● Tanjung Bunga ● Terbang Lalat ● Tidurlah Intan ● Telaga Biru ● Jali Jali ● Jauh Tinggi Di Awan

CD 2

● Gambang Semarang ● Puspa Hati ● Kemayoran ● Es Lilin ● Sejak Kita Berpisah ● Selendang Sutra● Tinggi Gunung Seribu Janji ● Sriwana ● Terkenang Kenang ● Sayang Di Sayang ● Keroncong Rindu Malam ● Sampaikan Salamku ● Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama ● Mawar Melati ● Pohon Beringin ● Sapu Tangan

KERONCONG RINDU – Kartina Dahari (EMI, 1994)

● Rindu● Es Lilin● Sejak Kita Berpisah● Tinggi Gunung Seribu Janji● Terkenang Kenang● Sayang Di Sayang● Kemayoran● Kisah Cinta● Dari Hati Ke Hati● Jangan Ditanya● Jauh Di Mata● Sampaikan Salamku

Biduanita Kartina Dahari

On 28 Feb 2009 Kartina Dahari was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, The Perdana Emas, by the President of the Republic of Singapore.

The award was long overdue  said one of her fans  in the youtube.

Her voice is ‘abosolutely flawless’ and ‘very powerful harmony voice’.. even unmatched  to Siti Nurhaliza’s, as decribed by another fan.

Kartina Dahari began her career as a singer in the 60s.  She is a daughter to Dahari Jarr, one of the composers  og ‘Pancaragam Orkes Kampung Gelam’ Singapore.  Her grandfather is the late Wak Jarr who was also a well known Malay folk songs composer  (lagu-lagu bangsawan).

In the  60s, Kartina shone in Malay’s musical  industry  and  limelight alongside Biduanita Alina Rahman, Biduan Rahim Hamid dan Ahmad Daud in the program RTS (name of the old school Mediacorp) “Kalong Senandong” . Her other regular singing partner was Julie Sudiro.

She also recorded few LPs and EPs in English such as  Look of Love, Peace of Mind, Whisper You Love Me Boy and few others.

In the 70s, Kartina embarked in the ‘Keronchong’ music scene.  “Sayang Di Sayang” (loved and beloved) was her debut and undoubtedly   her best vocal expression.  The song was composed by  a well known composer Zubir Said.   Her voice and her mastery in singing the Keronchong music genre really had carved her name in the music industry till she was given the title ‘Ratu Keroncong Singapura’ .  There are more of her keronchong hits such as Keroncong Rindu, Seruling Senja, Jangan Ditanya, Sriwana, Tunas Kasih and Jali-Jali.

Her unique talent and charisma has been attributed to her vocal expression which is described by her fans as ‘ calmed, soothing, and melodious’ .  In addition, Kartina’s star performance was enhanced by the way she potrayed  herself with the Malay soft  mannerism, santun and very lady-like approach.  A performer with her own Class. –
Rudy Djoharnaen

Keronchong Diva – Lady of Songs

A few days ago someone mentioned that my evergreen favourite singer Kartina Dahari was not well. I hope she is alright and is well-taken care of, where ever she is today. I read some time back when she was invited to join another veteran singer Ahmad Jais to do a concert at Istana Budaya, she was not able to accept as she was living in London with her two sons.

Read more at Roem Airmata Emas

GM: I really enjoy listening to  the Keronchong especially by the Keronchong Diva – Biduanita Kartina Dahari – Top list to buy the two albums/ CDs above the next time shopping/mall outings.

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