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Aber Papa,ich lerne doch.

Aber Papa,ich lerne doch.
Ich hab gelernt,dass die Formel 1 Fahrer in jede Rennen 2Kilo verliert.Dann die Körper verbrennt über 600Kalorie..

Papa,wirst du nicht gerne ein Formel 1 Fahrer??

This is one my favourite ad by Petronas.  It was made few years ago during the Formula One Sepang season.  According to the discussion at the channel side, the ‘Malay’ boy is actually a mix of german father and Indian mother (from Malaysia)…and he is residing in Germany.  And actually the producer have to dye black color his hair and his eyebrow…so that he could look like malay boy.

This “Malay Boy” version is way better and funnier than the “German Boy” – just the reaction of the dad to the son – he total blanked out when the boy spoke German in a sudden. It’s like as if the spirit of a German boy is in him.

GM: It happened few months ago during 2009 F1 season, a new neighbour just moved in.  I met  the  maid cuz she came to my house a couple of time to borrow some stuff.  So she brought with her a German-Malay 10 years old girl who speak fluent Malay with Indonesian slang.  She is so talkative…  So one fine evening while I was about to go for my jog, I was thinking to stop by at this girl house and get to know her mother whom I believe is a Singaporean…but as I jogged a couple feets away from my house.. there was something moving inside my right shoe!  I have had this before so I knew what is inside the shoe which was being sandwiched between  my foot and the Nike.

I threw away my ‘bunga silat and ‘buah silat’ towrds my enemy ‘the odd looking frog’ .  I spent quiet ‘geli’ time with my little sparing partner, and walked back home instead….and since that day I didn’t see them again, I believe the girl father is attached to  one of the F1 teams, so I hope to see them again next year in Sepang.

So what is the point? The point here, if Petronas is interested for a follow up ad, call me in!


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