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ساتو توهن – ساتو ڤسنن

God has blessed man with logic and reason and it is through these two tools that we are expected to reach truth and wisdom

Yo Christians ! God does not come out of a v….. !

I do not mean to be rude to Christians. But desparate times needs desparate measures.Religious people need a heavy dose of the philosophy of Truth not just from their point of view but through other sources too.We cannot improve ourself without listening to our critics.Others are a mirror unto us.Religion has been called the opium of the people before and would be called the same nowadays. That is because religion cannot solve the economic problems of this world, never mind not solving the war problems that it created.The truth is religions of the world fall short of our expectations in an incredulous way.So bear with me as I take thee to reaffirm the real Truth.
You Christians say that God is “one and three”.You say that Jesus and the Holy Spirit is God too besides God.This “Christian Truth” leaves a lot of questions unanswered…Read more

Christian Dogmas Debunked

In my previous articles, 1)The devil in Disguise,2)The Devil(Satan) and angel made simple and 3) Satan,Ulama,Hadis and ISA,I have explained how easy it was for Satan to get into the body of religious and political people as he did the body of the snake in Adam and Eve’s time, in order to get the whole herd of their followers to be his followers.Satan convinced Adam and Eve that it was necessary to be knowledgeable by eating the fruit of knowledge, in order to be like God,when in fact it was only half the truth.They did become like God by being knowledgeable,however they also became mortal and ungod like. The second phase of Satan’s plan is to trick mankind again by saying that it is God like and good to be unintelligent. Hence mankind would be immortal and unintelligent and hence totally unGod like twice over. This strategy is in the form of blind beliefs which is inherent in all religions.It is a process called de-education with the object to mislead and falsify the real truth.

Read more…

The Trinity in Islam and Christianity : Pak Yeh’s version.

Having debated the concept of Trinity at length with Christians and trying yery much to understand it by logic, I have come to the following conclusions: Read more…

GM: To my aunt in the “I’ve seen you before!”, please follow this lead….To Pak Yeh x payah bayar for the ad..all in the house!


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3 Responses

  1. peacebuy says:


    Just to tell all you
    that this posting is my 99th!!!

    What a coincidence!!!

    Allah HU AKHBAR 3x

  2. Rajamenangis says:

    Salam, peacebuy.
    Congratulations on ur 99th posting..
    We follow ur website closely & do enjoy reading ur entries. Keep up the good work!!

  3. peacebuy says:

    W’kum Salam,

    Thks for the support. Likewise, I do visit Raja Menangis, time to time.
    By the way, how’s the progress of the book “Menjejaki Tahta Yang Hilang?”.
    Booking in advance from Gempamelayu.

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