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SSUS for a better understanding

The One School for All (SSUS) campaign has attracted a lot of publicity.

For more than 50 years, if there is ever a ‘universal unity’ acrossed the multiracial and multiracists Malaysia.  It would have been so.  WHY isn’t that so?????  Why cant we see through our skin colours and voice accents and unite as one Malaysia. ….the answer is… long as our oor  arrr emmm…. SOCCER TEAM has not revived to the old glory….there is no unity in Malaysia.

I just arrived home (Gempamelayu) from visiting a site called Reflections by a blogger with psydonym Melayu Lama.  I did read two articles that caught my interest.

SSUS for a better understanding….

SSUS campaign  forging unity and better understanding among the young.  Isn’t having a “One School for All” levelling the playing field? Isn’t it meritocracy when they are all judged on merit when they sit for the SAME exams in the SAME schools teaching the SAME syllabus? Isn’t putting them under the SAME care of the SAME teachers equal and fair?
It is about the betterment of society. Improving race-relations. Why do we say racial “tolerance”? To tolerate something is to put up with it even though we hate it. That’s tolerance. We should instead be promoting better “understanding”. Through better “understanding” comes respect and knowing one’s boundaries and that’s what the One School for All aims to achieve, among other National agendas, a better “understanding”.

As an example, I have a neighbour who has an irritating dog whom my neighbour let’s loose out of his compund every now and then. The dog ocassionally comes near me and I avoid it, in the process I get annoyed. Simply because the animal is Najis Mughallazah. The owner then comes to me and tries to tell me that his dog does not bite. Who the hell cares if it bites or not? I don’t want it near because to me my religion has guidelines regarding contact with such animals. Had my neighbour had a better “understanding” of Malays’ do’s and don’ts (and vice-versa), that stupid, repeatative situation would not have occured. But because of the lack of “understanding”, we instead have “tolerance”. I “tolarate” his ignorance and my neighbour “tolarates” my annoyance. Is this how we want our society to evolve?

For the betterment of multi-racial race-relations look at the bigger picture please. Unifying us together as Malaysians does not make me less Malay or less Muslim and certainly does not make my neighbour any less Chinese. Instead it promotes a better understanding of our different-raced Malaysian brothers and sisters. When they are schooled together, they’ll study together, play together, eat together and more importantly “understand” each other, respect and be aware of the do’s and don’ts of their colleagues’ race and/or religion. It will work both ways, trust me. Is creating that awarenes through better undertsanding too much to ask?

Excerpts From Melayu Lama.blogspot

In replying  his article I as usual made an errorneus answer.. As usual my reply would be out of context, that’s why he didn’t say anything on my comment.  I think too much of ‘cut and paste’ skill, I yet to develop my writing expression/opinion skill.  The blogging community synonym it as Musing-Musing (adding some malay flavour into it, he he!).

This was my reply in his blog:

Blogger Peacebuy said…


Even the Malays nowdays are ignorant of our traditional values, wisdoms and virtues. Let alone do’s and don’ts…How can we teach them these values when we ourselves did not cherish the good old ways. It is easier to join the boat (threadmill) in the culture and religion people called “MONEY $GOD$”. We sold out our Malay for $$$, not so much for a jet setting life, but just enough to pay the multiple various bills that keep on turning up at our door steps, even after our death…

See I told you I have this problem on sequencing, but GM said it is not about the inability to prioritise works but it is about the short term memory loss…I OBJECT!!!!  Where was I?

Ok, after reading it again, I said OMG!!!(The terms use by teenagers nowdays for experiencing shockwave)I have prepared an asnwer more tailormade to the article.

I hope ‘Melayu Lama’ would drop by and read my true opinion on this issue. (By the way, I think I suffered from split personality sindrom, please don’t tell GM…..Ssssshhh!!!!)

Salam Encik Melayu Lama,

Answering your article, regardless the popularity of signing the petitions for the promoted SSUS campaign (my calcluated guess, Malays will support and the nonMalays vise versa, right?).  I would put my objection in it.  First of all, the genuine purpose of SSUS is to closer the education gap among the average Malays and nonMalays, in this particular case the Chinese, right?  The second reasoning is to streamline the educational system and quality across the board,  right? And third, dah alang-alang would be to foster unity amongs the youths, correct, correct, correct!!!.

For more than 50 years, if there is ever a ‘universal unity’ acrossed the multiracial and multiracists Malaysia.  It would have been so.  WHY isn’t that so?????  Why cant we see through our skin colours and voice accents and unite as one Malaysia. ….the answer is… long as our oor  arrr emmm…. SOCCER TEAM has not revived to the old glory….there is no unity in Malaysia.


You can laugh now… but I’m not kidding.  I’m not so much into soccer as much as I am into Silat.  But from my opinion as a homemaker….

A True Malaysian Glory does it wonder…especially as I repeat…Malaysian Soccer Team!!!

That’s all.

Secondly, your article above is a paradox.

In one hand, you championed for the cause, and criticized (I believe) the racist oppositions of SSUS.  And on the other hand, you explained your experience in the difficulties of understanding let alone respects each other’s values and guidelines. ( I believed it must happened during your adulthood).

I do have the same dog shit and stuff  problem, but to let my 12 years daughter faces it alone 7 hours a day, 5 days a week., I will be  out of my mind!

Racism is a very delicate issue.  It has to be solved or managed by grown up, even to the extend by the wise and rationale adults.  Kids are kids.  Don’t transfer such resposibilities and burden to our children.  I send my daughter to quiet a distance school once , amongst the reasons was the existance of the three different groups (CIMB).  I repeat three (not four) So what’s the B for? Benggali as for Sikh.. Nay!!!Belakang..Shhh!!!!!

Back to the story, I was OMG to know later that for no reason, they called each other by Bodoh, Babi, Malas, Kelll.. in real life the school kids flock to each of their own kinds.  There was no provocations it just the race sentiments are stronger amongst the youngs.

Thirdly, as you don’t believe in tolerance, neither do I.  What make you think that a school could be harmony without racial tolerance? Tolerancy is a zero sum game.  If by no choice tolerancy prevailed, at whose gains/loss? What kind of culture would the school dominate?

If two boys fought each other and happened  to be of different races, it would be spread out like a wild fire of another race related issue.. Boys will be boys..

as it is now the Chinese taiko gaster kicked another chinese, its just another fight at school…Then we have the India mafia asked for money and kicked another well to do Indian boy, then it is another fight of Bully culture, and  lastly  (as usual, belakang sekali) a Malay boy killed by a group of seniors, it is again categorized as another serious bully case…things happened and passed by…

But imagined a three cornered fights (the first corner Chinese  Jinjang Joe Taiko the second corner Indian Estate Mafia Mari and last always the last but not least the Mat Rempit Wannabe )… I’ll tell even such small incidences would unnecessarilly fire up the racism sentiments first amongs the students, later the teachers and last the parents.

Lastly, I would like to express my opinion that in the name of one Malaysia, the distinct of  races should be enhanced from youngs.  Let them learn each own  values, traditions and wisdoms.  Teach them to love themselves first befor loving others.  This CIMB, uniquely has its different strenghts that compliment each other.  The Chinese with the economic brain (could compete at the international level, compete with the Jews if you will, buy over the  Starbuck chains and rename it ‘BintangLinggit)’,  the Indian with great actions and persuasion (create bollywood, hollywood  styles media propaganda, the Jews also did it) and the Malays the one with the bigGGG hearts ( create the world of sustainable livings)….walla!!!… we are different…forever different…respect the uniqueness of being difference.

In the mean time, I’m still on with the ‘Sekolah Melayu’ nak hidupkan semangat Melayu lah!  Melayu yang layu bak kata siapa…oh lupa…Che Det.

Best Friends 1

GM: Sorry no pic this time…the moment Pisbai start ‘Musing-musing’, she took a lot of space here.  By the way, she added that she doesn’t believe in ‘SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA, SATU BAHASA’  it is PELBAGAI BANGSA, SATU INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT, Jawi and English text ONLY’.


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