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Pan-Melayu Unity

People confuse race, ethnicity, and nationality. Race is based on shared genetics, lineage, physical description and geography. Ethnicity is based on culture and perceived similarities. Nationality is based on political status….Hokulani78

The Malay Race

This video I found in the You Tube is  rather interesting discussing Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian or simply Melayu or Melaiu) cultures and languages.  According to  the discussions  pertaiinig to the video the basis of this video is to free the mind of those ignorant and suppressor of their neo- colonialistic mentality… and not to forget, it is to remember no matter how different our culture is, no matter how we have diversified into maritime South East Asians, Merina, Micronesian and Polynesians, we use to share a common ancestor which has the same philosophy, idiom and the same culture 2500 years ago…

A reply on my query on the Champa people, Mr Hokulani the site owner who is an expert on the subject revealed that Champa people are definately Austronesian. The Champas though are more commonly found in Viet nam though like you mentioned there are Champas in Cambodia as well as Laos and in some parts of northern Thailand. Thailand also has of course the Pattani people too and it is speculated that Mons (Burma) and Khmer (Cambodia) also have Austronesian genes.

Race, Religions and Ethnics

According to Mr Hokulani again, people confuse race, ethnicity, and nationality. Race is based on shared genetics, lineage, physical description and geography. Ethnicity is based on culture and perceived similarities. Nationality is based on political status…

Mozi, a Malay residing in NZ,  said that an ethnic group can be associated with religious practice too. For example, In Indonesia, The Bataks and the Maindailings are exactly the same people who has the same ancestor and they us ed to be one people..What makes them split up into two ethnic group is that Mandailings are muslims and Bataks are Christian or Pantheist/animist. Same goes with the Banjar people of Kalimantan. They actually use to be headhunters belonging to the Dayak Meratus tribe.

Its sad because we’re the same race like the Muslim-Catholic problems in the Philippines. Manila was a Muslim city and so many Muslims have Xtian wives yet there is still a lot of discrimination on both sides not to mention the war in Mindanao. Then there’s the problems w/Muslim-Xtians in Indonesia. Nevermind the “There shall be no compulsion in religion” (256). Then in Polynesia, there’s Catholic/Protestant problems.

The Hawaiian

Mr Hokulani as the above is the site owner and had produced various educational based videos on the related subjects.  He shared with us on the reality of Hawaiian perception on the subject matter…..  Its actually kind of funny because in Hawai’i, many Native Hawaiians very strongly resist the label of “Polynesian” because they do not want anything to do with certain Polynesian groups. I think only one Hawaiian group– a rap group– identifies themselves as Polynesians. But historically it was not a problem for Hawaiians since Oceania, Polynesia, Austronesia, Malay were interchangeable terms. King Kalakaua said Hawaiians are “Asiatic Malays” and even passed a law about that in 1879.

At any rate, in short, labels shift depending on conscienceless and political realities. Blood does not. Genetics over and over again keeps saying the same thing for the 30 years. Polynesians and Malays are the same race, same DNA.   Personally I prefer Melayu or Malay over Austronesian but Austronesian seems to be more acceptable since it accommodates the current national differences and has no historical, religious, and social stigmas.

Malays are FROM Austronesians. Austronesians, Malayo-Polynesian, Orang Melayu, Malays, and Indios are all the same race just different terms depending on the time period. Hawaiians, Maori, other Polynesians are as much Malay as Indonesians. In fact, Polynesians genetically have more common genes with Indonesians than Filipinos do with Indonesians, DNA wise. That’s one of the reasons why some endorse a “slow train” to the Pacific rather than a rapid Austronesian migration as originally thought.

Bahasa Melayu

Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia is actually a “Trade language”. Everybody who came to Malacca back those days even from the Philippines, Arabia, India etc. must know how to use it.

Even the people from Moluccas or the Philipinnes who speak a different dialect who came to trade in Malaysia and Indonesia region must know how to speak that “lingua france” langauge so different nation can understand it.

“Malay” was the trade language of SE Asia because it lacked the regionalism and complications of say Javanese or Balinese. It was seen as more universal which is also why certain terms were from Arabic, Chinese, Sanskrit–because it could be universal. Even the Tang and Sung courts of China had Malay translators and of course the most complete editions of Islamic texts were all in Malay. “Malay” up until the 16th century was like how English is now in SE Asia.

The Shared Traits

This video is also to celebrate our great ancient grandmothers who nutured their young generations and taught the Austronesian languages which passed down through generations. As you know, most Austronesian back those days were a matriachal society… the minangkabau of sumatra is one example that survives till today..Not to forget, the Maoris also believe that the wahine is the parameter of life and death. in malay culture, it is offensive to touch a head of a person because it is very sacred .

Hawaiians also have that before. Showing the soles of your foot or slapping someone on their head was considered insulting. Also we used to have spittoons for royalty like in SE Asia, kowtowing, circumcision at chiefs at age 11 or 12. The kahili, royal staff, looks similar to the umbrella used for royalty. Yellow was also reserved only for sacred kings. King Kamehameha I had a pure yellow feather cloak as well as a yellow and red feather sash.

Scientific Facts

  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is accurate up to 11 generations and covers the racial background of the mother’s side of the family–so its highly accurate in detecting genetic mutations (which in turn causes “race”). If you believe that Malays and Polynesians don’t look alike therefore are not related, then you are severely misinformed. mtDNA has conclusively pointed that Malays (Filipinos, Malays, Indonesians, etc) and Polynesians are the same race and mtDNA testing was done by no less than 5 established universities in the US and Europe. If you do not accept mtDNA findings, then you should not accept DNA evidence and paternity tests in courts either because its on the same principles.

  • Also it is important to note that language is normally inherited from the mother’s side since mothers are usually the primary teachers and caregivers for offspring thus the mtDNA re-affirms the language affiliation of all Austronesians.

  • Nuclear DNA (nDNA) was also done by the University of Hawai’i and have shown the exact same markers as the mtDNA samples again reaffirming shared genetic markers;

  • Linguistic evidence also suggests the existence of a single Austronesian language some 5,000 years ago because of the common vocabulary found on both sides of the Pacific;

  • If you have traveled widely in SE Asia, pureblooded Polynesians and Malays do indeed look similar and even Captain Cook and King Kalakaua of Hawai’i remarked on that;

  • Despite archaelogical, DNA, cultural, and linguistic evidence you still can not believe that Malays and Polynesians are the same race, then perhaps you should examine yourself.

  • Y-Chromosome markers (inherited from the father’s lineage) also shows the same results as nDNA and mtDNA except that the Y Chromosome markers for certain Indonesians, Samoans, and Tongans shows more Papuan DNA than in other groups such as Filipinos (Lumad), Hawaiians, Maori, and Tahitians–which indicates that the Central Pacific was full of migrations and interracial activity whereas the Northern and Eastern parts of the Pacific were more isolated, DNA-wise. Regardless of this, the Y Chromosome markers, which are paternal, against supports other DNA tests.

The music for this video is a mix of Tahitian, Filipino (Igorot), Rarotongan, and Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

GM: Mr Hokulani, I am not wrong to say that The Rock is Malay?

Youtube: Astronesia/Pan-Melayu Unity


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