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Beware of Fish without Scales and Fins

“O People, eat from the land what is permitted & good & do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan, for he is an open enemy to you.” (Al Baqarah, 2:168)

We are allowed to eat any fish as long as it has scales. All other sea creatures such as whales, sharks, turtles, lobsters and crabs are Haraam. The only exception is for prawns and shrimps, which can be eaten.

Fish with Scales

Fish without Scales

One of GM’s readers has a very informative blog particluarly regarding our daily food intake activities.  Her blog ‘Di Laut Biru’ has a scetion that specialize on food issues especially that are faced by the Muslim in Malaysia.  One of the interesting article is the danger of consuming seafood that comes without scales and fins.  As it is very important to spread the knowledge, GM has a new category under ‘Food for Thought’  called ‘Food To Avoid”.   From time to time, this category would be updated.

“Enak lauk dikunyah-kunyah, enak kata diulang-ulang”

The best of ocean are chewable, the best of advise need repetitions.

Read more at  Di Laut Biru (at The Blue Ocean).


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