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Dewangga Sakti@’Kacip’ Pipiyapong

Dewangga Sakti will be performing at the launching of  book titled ‘Kacip’ Pipiyapong.

Jumpa kami di The Annexe @ Central Market
9 Mei 2009
6 petang
Masuk Percuma (kalau nak bayar,bayar kepada Sinaganaga )

Food & Culture Promotion 2006

Dewangga Sakti is an ethnic / traditional Malay folk ensemble concentrates on genre like Zapin, Joget, Inang , Asli and other forms of Malay traditional music.   Established in year 2006, they have been active in performing at functions such as wedding, corporate dinners, convocations, poetry reading etc. The band also involved with Tourism Malaysia promotion abroad such as in Taipe and Sapporo(Japan) in 2006, and Chengdu(China) in 2007. Among the instruments used in this ensemble are gambus (a Middle Eastern instrument known as ‘Oud in Arabic), rebana (Malay tradisional percussion), violin etc.

Dewangga Sakti consists of Mohsen Amdan (lead vocal), Zulkifli Ramli (gambus), Abd Raof (percussion-rebana,darbuka), Azman(acoustic guitar), Norman (Violin), and Syamsul Faiz (bass guitar) plus Irwan Effendy(occasional guitarist/accordian-currently based in Pulau Pinang).  For your info, Zulkifli learned the art of gambus under the tutelage of Raja Gambus Malaysia, Fadzil Ahmad.

Dewangga Sakti has released an EP called Mabok Kepayang in June 2008 and currently working on full album scheduled to be recorded in 2009.

CD Dewangga Sakti

Dewangga Sakti performing live at International Islamic University Malaysia – AIKOL Jamming Akbar one of prominent jamm session in IIUM. I was supossed to go but couldn’t make it...

Something Related But Not Really

‘Mabok Kepayang” starred  Wahid Satay and  Suraya Haron

“Dewangga Sakti” the Malay Comic

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13 Responses

  1. Zul says:

    Terima kasih di atas promo.
    Profil tu dah tukar sebenarnya.Ada ahli yg dah tak ada di dlm band. 😉

  2. peacebuy says:

    Iya ke?
    Sorry x check out awal sb hari ‘pertabalan’
    dah dekat jadi terus publish today.
    Gud Luck…InsyaAllah saya hadir.

  3. Zul says:

    Ok jumpa di sana esok.

  4. LadyTuscany says:

    Peacebuy, u ada tak kat annexe kelmarin?
    we could’ve meet up. i duduk front row. dtg semata-mata nk tgk dewangga sakti, hihi.

    p/s: tertanya-tanya kenapa eh nama u peacebuy, i just dont ‘buy’ it. li maaza ya ukhti??

  5. peacebuy says:

    I’m so sorry… there is something about being Peacebuy…she lives in cyber world.. we can just meet up here… anyway how was it? They are a great bunch of gud looking n talented Malay band, aren’t they?

  6. LadyTuscany says:

    They played real good tapi sian kat bassist yang terputus tali gitar tu. hehe. ok, i u/stand that you are a virtual character but why “peacebuy”? i find it sangat kontra dengan sobriquet sang jejaka gempamelayu. kenapa bukan “cempaka” ke? “inong” ke? “nyi loro kidul” ke? “cut puteri” ke?

  7. peacebuy says:

    Peace ‘be upon you’ = Peacebuy

  8. syamsulfaiz says:

    Salam peacebuy,
    Thank you for the good words on us. I hope DS have played some beautiful music that day. Unfortunately I could not join them as I am now working and living in Dubai. But I am still in the band and we hope to compose and document more Malay traditional songs for the future generation. You have deep interest in Malay culture. We are in tune with you.

  9. LadyTuscany says:

    ohh.. begitu rupanya makna PEACEBUY🙂 saya pun berkongsi pendapat dgn bro syam. saya suka dengan usaha ni. keep it up!

  10. peacebuy says:

    Syam: Yes we are indeed in tune…
    Lady Tuscany: Tank kiyeu…apsal pulak nama you tu Lady Tuscany…bangsa apa pulak tu?

  11. LadyTuscany says:

    ala, nama chatting masa zaman mirc dulu. takde apa2 makna pun cuma saya suka nama Tuscany plus the stories of the romantic elements of the place. hehe

  12. peacebuy says:

    Iye ke?

    Ingatkan orang Itali mana datang menjenguk Gempamelayu…

  13. LadyTuscany says:

    uh huh <- berangan :p

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