memores acti prudentes futuri

سلامت مڽمبوت هاري ايبو سدونيا



in advance !!

Dia Ibuku                             Ibu MertuaKu           Sesejuk Airmata Ibu
Sayang Ibu                             Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandung      Mama Oh Mama

Let’s Sing this Song — TOGETHER!!!

You Make Happiness Bloom! Wish Mom On Mother's Day! A Happy Day!

Great Sis And Wonderful Mom! Away From Mom On Mother's Day? Happy Mom's Day!
Source 123 Greetings

Source: Sinema Malaysia

What is Islam’s View On Mother’s Day ?

Dr. `Abdul Fattah `Ashoor, professor of Qur’an Exegisis at Al-Azhar University, concludes:

Holding celebrations in honoring others and commemorating anniversaries are neither feasts nor Islamic. But one may seize any chance to express gratitude to those who deserve it. This is how we should consider the Mother’s Day. The mother has a special place in the Islamic culture, and all other civilized cultures. So it is something good to do anything to please her and show gratefulness to her.

So dedicating a day to showing good feelings towards parents, especially the mother, is by no means blameworthy as it does not contradict the Islamic teachings, nor can it be merely considered a form of joining the Western vogue of making celebrations. Conversely, it is a kind of devotion to Allah’s orders that we should be dutiful to our parents.

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GM: Today I’m being a little bit  Girlish and like everything pinky pinky and blinky blinky… only today!!   So the gist of it, ain’t the Malay   just love. …………” sad movie always make me cry …..ohhh sadddd… movies…that’s how we see our life…”
I found this nice Arabic Nasheed song related to ‘Umi’

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