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As we were nearing the summit, I was overwhelmed by many feelings at the same time. I was fearful, happy and worried but with each step I took, I called out to God to take me further.

Marina Ahmad

MARINA AHMAD is the first Malay Woman who conquered the the peak of Mount Everest at 8,848 meters high above the sea level- the Top of The World, on 21 Mei 2007.

Six out of the seven climbers in the Merdeka de Everest 2007 expedition arrived at the peak. from the South side.  The six climbers reached the peak at 6:30am local time (8:45am Malaysian Time).

The spokesperson for the expedition who was contacted by Bernama said the first climber to reach the peak was RTM cameraman Idris Said, 51, followed by Muhammad Fauzan Hasan, 39.Third to arrive at the peak was RTM assistant producer Marina Ahmad, 25. . She was followed by Ahmad Reduan Rozali, 25, Mohd Rafi Kori, 35, and Ahmad Fakhri Abu Samah, 25. The oldest climber in the expedition, Datuk Khalid Yunus, 64, was forced to return to base camp because of health concerns.

Marina was 10 minutes late from becoming the first Southeast Asian woman to conquer the summit of Mt Everest.  Noelle Wenceslao from the Philippines reached the summit at 6.10am ascended  from the Northern route.  An Indonesian woman was reported to have summitted in the early 90s, but this feat was being disputed.

The success of Marina  is based on her strong faith with Allah [the only one God to mankind], and upholding the excellent principles practiced by Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]- Prophet to all mankind.

Facts about Mt Everest

Mt. Everest is famous for being the highest peak in the world.

To the local Nepalese Mt. Everest is known as Sagarmatha.

To the Tibetans (China) it’s known as Mt. Quomolongma – means “The Third Goddess” in Tibetan. There was a beautiful story among Tibetan people:

During ancient time there was a sea in this region. Then a group of Devils came and destroyed every life. One day, the wind brought 5 colorful clouds arrived from the Heaven. The clouds were 5 Goddesses. They fight with the Devils and locked the Devils under the snow mountains. People prayed the Goddesses to stay and protect the Earth. The Goddesses agreed, they made the forests, the grasslands, the farm fields and the beautiful flowers. Then they turned into 5 high Peaks. The Third Goddess was the tallest and bravest one, she became Mt. Quomolongma.

So the Tibetans would not known that their “Third Goddess” was named by the west as Mt. Everest – after surveyor Sir George 1865.  The first organized attempt to reach the summit was made from the northern (Tibetan) side in 1922. George Mallory, who disappeared into the clouds near the top on his fatal second attempt from Tibet in 1924. Seventy-five years later, his body was found on Mt. Everest. Nobody knows that if he had reached the summit before his fallen death.

On 29th of May 1953, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first summit (since they could not find any trace from Geoge Mallory on the top of Mt. Everest) from South Col. Since then, more than 550 climbers from some 20 countries have accomplished the summit. Wang Fu-Chou in a Chinese expedition team reached the summit for the first time via the North Col. route. Mrs Junko Tabei of Japan was the first woman to stand on the top of the world in 1975,


Mount Everest is located in the Himalayan ranges in Nepal – on the border of Tibet, China.

How tall is Mt. Everest?

The official altitude of the world’s highest peak is 29,029 feet (8,848m). However, the National Geographic Society has determined the height to be 6 feet taller, 29,035 feet, but the Nepali government has not yet been made this new altitude official.

Shifting tectonic plates continue to push Everest upward, along with the whole Himalaya mountain range, at 1.6 to 3.9 inches (4 to 10 centimeters) per year.

How high are the camps?

The approximate elevations of each of the camps are:

Base Camp – 17,500ft (5,400m)

Camp 1 – 20,000ft (6,100m)

Camp 2 – 21,300ft (6,500m)

Camp 3 – 24,000ft (7,400m)

Camp 4 – 26,000ft (8,000m)

Summit – 29,035ft (8,850)

Read more at  Everest Facts & Stories


GM: Go Girls! Make history hers!! I have conquered Mt Tahan last year and Mt Kinabalu this year…only at the foothill…jangan marah!!


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