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Melayu di Kota Inggeris

We regret to announce that the 2nd London Malay Festival has been postponed. Please check the site frequently for news of the re-arranged dates and location.            Many thanks.

Rekindling the roots at London Malay


The inaugural London Malay Festival next month could be a catalyst for bigger things for the Malay diaspora. DARYL GOH spoke to the festival’s artistic director recently.

“The London Malay Festival is basically a ‘regathering’ of tribes – to assemble a festival that can reflect the wide array of cultures that have a distinct Malay lineage. The Malay diaspora is wide and you cannot just think Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore in this context.

“It’s amazing to see Malay roots stretching from the Philippines and Australia’s Cocos Islands straight through Madagascar and South Africa,” said Art Fazil, the artistic director of the London Malay Festival in an interview in London earlier this month.

Art Fazil

GM: The First London Malay Festival was held on August 27, 2005 at Lawrence Hall, Royal Horticultural Halls in London.  From the pictures and quotations extracted, it was clearly a successful event.  However, the subsequent LMF 2 did not materialise as programmed.  The website for the LMF clearly stated that event has been posponed to another date.  Further research bear no lead on the implementation of the LMF 2. For those with the info, glad if you could clarify the fate of the subsequent London Malay Festival.

Excerpt from StarOnline

Photos of LMF 2005 click here

Browse ( for details or email (


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