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Why I have been absent – peacebuy

I received an e-mail today (11th April) from Tengku Ryo dated 8th April. It is on his participation at the up and coming event of the Pesta Gendang Antarabangsa & Jemputan Antarabangsa XII 8-16 April. Tengku Ryo will perform somewhere from the 13th to 16th April.

link to Pesta Gendang Antarabangsa

Last year snippet of Pesta Gendang Antarabangsa

To tell the truth, this month which happened to be my birthday month, has been utterly hectic.  I have little time to spend on my websites, and there have been bottlenecks of sequel articles that have yet to be completed, Umrah Part 3 and 4,  Science Competencies  Part 2,  a belated interview appoinment with rapper Omar Musa, etc.. Compounded with the fact that, I am back with no maid ( a residence of 5 bedrooms), added with an extensive Kota Kinabalu holiday with extended family packed on a borrowed Suzuki van.  (Thanks to kak Sharifah and husband). My house in the brochure>>.

<<Not this SuzukiSee full size image

In addition, I had to attend my daughter’s bully case at school (by the boys). Sending my daughter to a boarding school (somewhere else)and the administrative issues involved.  And now, changing her back to her old school (within the residential vicinity) because of another bully case at her new school (boarding).  And this time by ‘Maya Karin’ and the gangs.  In the midst of preparing a ‘Code of Ethics’ for Girls Dormitory Living. I gave myself  4 days from yesterday to complete the handbook and handover to warden, and school principal for approval and distribution to the girls. Saja buat amal jariah..

Despite my superb buzzzy schedule, I managed to published the last four articles, mostly were completed drafts except for Culture Warriors – Omar Musa which I stumbled upon.

Still in the process of chasing away the “Maya Karin” far from her mind, body & soul , and from our residence. So have been intensively reading the Quran day and night, and last Friday night, had a ‘doa selamat’ and bacaan yassin at home (for neighbours and closed relatives).  Alhamdullilah, she is now fine and back to her normal self.  By Monday next week she will start schooling  (back to her old school, which is 5 min drive). By the way, I cooked the Nasi Beriyani Bombay (6kg rice) for the kenduri. Not so sedap, tapi boleh lah…,

Tomorrow which is the 12th of April, I have a wedding in Johor, which I will attend on a day trip.  Hence I could not attend the Tekpi Workshop, though I really love to go and watch the Tok Guru who taught Allahyarham Putih Ramlee ilmu silat, handown his knowledge of Silat Kuntau. On the 13th Tengku Ryo is expected to see me in Melaka, but again I just lived a day at a time. Can not promise anything. Bounded at home…

I have a list of interesting articles to write once I have the time but need help to prioritize them. Please participate in the poll below.


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4 Responses

  1. mamamaz says:

    waaaa sound so very the buzy!! talk about bully, only yesterday my neighbour told me that her 8yrs old daughter was bullied at the ‘sekolah agama’ she attended in the morning. I was like ‘WHAT??” & it was not the first time. complain many times to the ustaz but…..nothing happen. still kena bully. So, few weeks ago stop study fr sek agama… so sad 😦

  2. mamamaz says:

    opssss, ter’forgot’ la pulak….
    happy belated birthday. Hope its a good one.
    Shud told me earlier i can bake u a cake. i love baking 🙂 & of course i love eating as much 😉
    trip to KK would love to hear/read about it. Must be a hectic one right going with so many people. all in all yang penting happy

  3. peacebuy says:

    awat x datang umah , masa F1? Boleh cita panjang lebar. Buzzy tu biasalah, sekarang di dok tgh buat search on ‘alam jinn’. Dulu ustaz bagi ceramah panjang lebar tak nak dengar…degil

    Okay, how’s your business?

    Mamamaz at

  4. mamamaz says:

    business ok la, moving…
    F1 terribly sorry, ampun! went with my 3 princess. hubby tak dapat pergi. I was surprise cuz my youngest love it so much. Now e/time tengok racing on sports channel she will get exited & wanna wear the earplug. Tought of calling you but time constraint la. I went late this time & was stuck in very bad traffic. Energy half dah habis on the road jer. So sorry to hear abt your daughter kena bully. Agaknya it was meant she stay with mummy & daddy la tu. Lovely house u have. ada compound which i love!
    Next time i balik kmpg will take flowers for you fr my dad little nursery. send me ur email addrerss. we can chat lama lama. hv story to tell…

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