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Protestation contre l’enseignement des mathématiques et de sciences en anglais.

Chers frères et mes sœurs, malais, ne vivent pas dans un espace étroit. Essayez de comprendre, aucune nation ne peut progresser si elles ne comprennent que la langue de leur langue maternelle. Être un véritable malaise ne signifie pas que vous parlez tous les Malais, mais d’un vrai malaise, c’est comprendre la nécessité d’apprendre d’autres langues. Maîtrise de la langue universelle, l’anglais est une question de neccesity pour les Malais d’interagir avec d’autres races, à lire et à acquérir des connaissances de l’évolution des domaines tels que la science, la technologie, les mathématiques, etc.

Pictures from Utusan Online: KL – Protest against the teaching of Maths and Science in English 7th March

Les vastes connaissances dans les domaines de la science et de mathématiques ne sont pas statiques (stagnation). La rapidité de la nouvelle découverte sur la recherche et le développement, et l’interface avec les compétences, les moyens que ces sujets sont toujours en expansion, la croissance et l’évolution à chaque seconde! Qui va traduire en Bahasa?

Bahasa Melayu représentent jamais la langue maternelle de ce côté du monde. Même les 25 millions de parler Bahasa Malaisie, nous sommes encore un petit groupe si on la compare à bahasa indonesia. Par conséquent, des universités internationales ont depuis longtemps adopté Bahasa Indonésie comme l’un des choix dans le domaine de la langue étrangère. Si vous avez passé ou désireux de lire l’article important dans d’autres langues, à le traduire en Bahasa Melayu est presque impossible, à moins que vous payez pour les services d’un traducteur. Et si vous avez de la chance il ya un choix pour la traduction en bahasa Indonesia. Pour être dans le top 200 mondial des universités, les Malais ont non seulement d’apprendre l’anglais, mais être capable de la maîtriser dans l’apprentissage des disciplines de la science et les mathématiques. Où est le Bahasa Melayu dans l’avenir? Bahasa Melayu est toujours dans notre coeur et l’âme. Mot malais sera placé en haut de page les noms des universités du monde. Malay mots seront les slogans du monde top marins, l’aviation, l’espace explorateur, producteur d’énergie. Le malaise de l’âme est de rajeunir la vieille Malay valeurs.


8th March 2009

EXCERPT: Hang Tuah The Importance of Teachers

Telah berapa lamanya Hang Tuah mengaji Quran, maka pengaji itu pun tamatlah.2

Once these skills were acquired Hang Tuah, who now appreciated the importance of bahasa in becoming a famous warrior, continued to study under several other lebai:

[Hang Tuah] berkata kepada bapanya, “Ayo bapaku, pada bicara hamba, hendak mengaji pada lebai keling pula, supaya hamba tahu pula bahasanya.” 3

Hang Tuah thereby attained knowledge of languages and cultures from countries such as India, China, Thailand and the island of Java. By the age of ten he had acquired the knowledge of no less than twelve bahasa.

With his comprehensive grasp on the bahasa of many countries Hang Tuah turned to additional teachers to achieve the fighting skills also necessary in becoming a great warrior. Hang Tuah, often with his friends Hang Kasturi, Hang lekiu, Hang Lekir and Hang Jebat by his side, traveled as far as necessary to seek the instructions of the best teachers.


17 Responses to “Blog bahasa melayu…. mampukah?”

  1. saharman Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 5:59 amYa sememangnya blog Bahasa Inggeris lah yang perlu diusahakan untuk menjanakan pendapatan melalui internet ni, dan kelemahan kebanyakan kita adalah mengayat dalam BI ni…Blog Bahasa Melayu ni untuk personal tu boleh laa…
  2. YellowFans Says:
    September 19th, 2007 at 6:27 amItu memang satu hakikat, kerana jika ingin menjadi besar. Kami dipaksa mengunakkan cara international. Tetapi satu masih wish all the best. Harap-harap anda menjadi blog melayu terbesar pertama.
  3. vangardx Says:
    September 20th, 2007 at 1:43 pmsalam, betul tu memang diakui menulis dalam bahasa inggeris lebih mudah menjana wang berbanding berbahasa melayu, kesannya kita dapat lihat banyak blog sampah 10-15 post kemudian menyepi tanpa berita dan siapa tahu dari 10-15 post itu boleh jana wang berganda berbanding 100post bahasa melayu, tidak mustahil bukan? apa2 pun tahniah kerana telah mhasilkan buku, mesti laris dipasaran :D
  4. titan Says:
    September 20th, 2007 at 8:40 pmTanak cakap banyak. Setuju dan memang tak banyak blog melayu boleh survive banding Blog dalam english. Aku dah tulis blog sejak 2 tahun lepas. Memang sukar. Akhirnya terpakse tukar english. Baru merasa income paypal. Kalau tak ubah. Tak tahulah bila..
  5. ramzwatcher Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 6:27 amhakikat yang terpaksa kita telan buat masa ini dan tak tahu sampai bila…

    harap-harap tak lama sangatlah ya. :D

  6. Ucuk Says:
    September 21st, 2007 at 7:39 amSesuatu harus difikirkan…demi untuk kebaikan semua… English is the perfect start… tapi tak semestinya yang terbaik.. memang dilemma..

Tidakkah aneh kalau pemimpin-pemimpin yang naik ke atas seperti Tun Mahathir (punca masalah kebahasaan sekarang), Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad, Dato Najib, dan Dato Hishamuddin , dan menteri-menteri kabinet Melayu, bersikap tidak peduli langsung terhadap rintihan, rayuan dan suara-suara kuat orang Melayu yang memperjuangkan agar bahasa Melayu dipelihara sebagai bahasa ilmu ? Kenapa? Apakah ertinya “Melayu” itu kepada mereka?
Apakah makna istilah “Melayu” itu pada mereka? Jadi janganlah menyalahkan pengarang, ilmuwan, cendekiawan, aktivis budaya, dan generasi pelajar menunjukkan protesnya kepada pemimpin-pemimpin dan hilang kepercayaan kepada mereka sebagai pembela MELAYU : bahasa Melayu, agama Islam, adat resam dan kebudayaan Melayu ( unsur-unsur dan amalan hidup yang mensyaratkan seseorang itu layak dipanggil Melayu). Bolehkah sesiapa yang tidak mengutamakan bahasa Melayu, malah meminggirkannya dalam kegiatan penting negara, mengaku dirinya Melayu; dan bercakap atas nama membela Melayu?

EXCERPT: English blogs/websites by Malays

n1508840691_30117442_7861The thing about living in Britain is that the weather really does get to you.  In the past two months that I spent working through my Quarter Life Crisis, I believe awful winter had something to do with it.  How can you not be depressed?, what’s with stupid snow showers and below negative one temperatures forcing me to wear thick coats and double layers of tights. Blergh.  But now the sun’s shining!  And it’s getting warmer! And the days are getting longer!  Oh, how beautiful!!!   Last night, over salmon, sushi and wasabi, my close friend Yessicharemarked, “I like that you’re back.”

PhotoSpring Break at Vanderbilt will start officially tomorrow. As for me, I am 99.9% sure that I will not go anywhere during the spring break, but, who knows? I might (but not quite sure yet) will go to this alMaghrib seminar “Love Notes: Marriage and Family Life.” The price is reasonable ($85), good place with great friends (9 hours driving plus I have been to Tulsa before and met great friends there) and interesting topic too.

I just watched an episode of Australian story about Mondra’s family dealing with their daughter suicide. Her name was Hannah Mondra. I don’t know her in person, but I have a raw impression that she was a wonderful girl – religious, beautiful, clever and popular. Somebody to be proud of.   I feel sad for the family, honestly. I had mixed feelings about the case. A little bit of worry, sad, challenged and worry.   Depression is quite a mysterious illness to most people, even professionals. Where does it came from? How to treat it? How long does it take until the sufferers ‘die’?

[Azly2009.jpg]Although Bahasa Melayu is enshrined in the Constitution as the official language and there is a protest going on against the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English, we must not send the wrong message that the lingua franca is to be shunned.  Malaysians must master the English language and being competent in it should not be a problem — the language is everywhere. Too much emotions is being stirred to rally the masses against this language of egalitarianism.  Sending the wrong message to the kampong kids will mean that they and their teachers will never see the importance of English.  Come back to our senses. Why not improve the teaching of English in all schools instead. Even in our local local universities, college students are not yet proficient in the language enough to get them through interviews.

hacker emblemThis blog was meant to be a place to record my thoughts and feelings, in the hope of preserving them for posterity to admire, where ‘posterity’ could well refer to me alone. Nonetheless, there are certain qualities of this blog which I find remarkable. This blog has captured all the ups and downs I’ve experienced within the short period of mid-2002 till now. If I read through this blog from the beginning to the present, I would realise that this blog holds too many memories for me, some of them sweet, others less sweet. There have been moments of depression, there have been moments of anger, but there have been moments of piety, love and compassion as well.

GM: To answer the question, these are the Malays on the frontline of the battle (Globalization).  They are very much Malay (like myself) and even more than the Malays who speak only Bahasa Melayu.  They missed being Malay, they are sensitive about Malay issues and they never take life for granted. Malay is in our heart. But our processing language is English.

p.s. Those who are able to read in English could decifer the french article above!


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