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I am Muslim – Revisited

Inevitably, our readers or listeners will be influenced by what we say. This will have consequences. Some of these consequences we will see in our lives, some other consequences will continue to be seen by generations after us. Because of this, the expression of knowledge is a delicate art.

In Retrospect vs I am a Muslim

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In Retrospect

We ought to be responsible for what we say. To mislead people is out of the question; to confuse them is a great injustice. This is particular true for educated people. Having had the chance to inherit treasures from the vast sea of human knowledge (or if you are Muslim, the vaster sea of Allah’s knowledge), it is our duty to add on to the knowledge that we have, and share it with other people to expand our collective knowledge.

Inevitably, our readers or listeners will be influenced by what we say. This will have consequences. Some of these consequences we will see in our lives, some other consequences will continue to be seen by generations after us. Because of this, the expression of knowledge is a delicate art. It becomes even more delicate if the subject itself is delicate, such as religion. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, although originally a scientific one, has gotten people debating for so many generations till now, even encroaching the realm of religion.

If you are Muslim, there are consequences to face in the Afterlife as well. This adds on even greater weight to the responsibility that I was initially talking about: the responsibility for what we say. How we say things is equally important as what we say, for it does have implications about our attitude towards the subject that we talk about. This is especially true for those who are trained or experienced in letters.

For speaking on Islam, I would not risk or encourage anything other than polite carefulness. Needless to mention, logical coherence should be upheld at all times.

by introspectif

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Excerpt : I am Muslim by Dina Zaman

Silverfish Books, Kuala Lumpur. 2007. 237 pages. Paperback.

  • My first memory or rather introduction to my religion was asking Ustaz Dahalan, ‘If God existed, how come I couldn’t see Him?’ My mother was mortified, my father rolled his eyes – ‘Ahh … Dina, again you ask funny questions,’ and Ustaz laughed.
  • “I’ll see you in two weeks. In the meantime, don’t fall in love, don’t kiss, don’t hold hands. Remember this: LOVE EQUALS TO JAIL. So stay home and behave. Duk rumah tu, ‘ngaji Quran. Read the Bible or Torah and holy scriptures. Amen!”
  • Here are more rules to abide: no pre-marital or extra-marital sex, no indulging in anything that will make you ‘khayal’ – high – such as alcohol, drugs and other substances or activities that make you forget the world. Dress modestly, and behave with utter decorum. Food fall into two categories: kosher and haram. Pork is bad, while fish is good. Chicken and beef have to be slaughtered in the proper Islamic manner before consumption.
  • Then dogs. You can keep them as watchdogs but not as pets, and you can touch them, but only when they are dry. And why is that? Dogs are dirty. What about cats? Cats lick their behinds, don’t they. And if alcohol is sinful, what about alcohol in medication and perfume? What’s the difference?
  • Another question that was lobbed my way: if you can’t have pre-marital sex, then what about masturbation? Which is better, solo sex or real sex? The former is not encouraged as it has been said that it is the Devil that performs the deed, and may make you go blind, while the latter is a no-no, you will go to hell, but in this day and age when marriage is no longer such an attractive option, and you know you can’t have pre-marital sex, what on earth are you to do?

I am  Dina Zaman

A writer, an editor, public relations, broadcasting, script-editor, events manager, worked in marketing.

‘A writer’s life’ in the star which comes out on the 1st and 3rd thursdays of the month.

A short stint at  Marie Claire.

‘Dina’s Dalca’ was published in the New Straits Times .

I Am Muslim Column’,  the editor of Rentakini, the magazine section of the controversial online newspaper, Malaysiakini.

Her works of fiction and poetry have been published locally and abroad.

Recipient of the British High Commissioners Chevening Award in 1998,  MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University.

Interests: books cats family friends chocolate

Dina where are you?

Dina Zaman – I used to blog One article 2007

On Blogger Since   February 2004
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‘I am Muslim’ the column, Rentakkini @ Malaysiakini Website has not been active since 1995

The Gong Kapas Times Account Not Available

An interview

GM: Dear Dina, despite the negative feedback on yourself, Gempamelayu wishes to extend a degree of appreciation for writing  ” I am Muslim” the book. Sorry i didn’t buy your book. ( I don’t buy books. I got them free on compliments.  Real message is not for sale). Anyway, I don’t read books, I read comments/analysis  of  books (There are so many good books so little time). For time to come ” I am  Muslim” may lived and evoked anger, dissatisfaction, and uneasiness amongst the Muslim and the Malays in particular (put the adsense on your sites and make money while sleeping).  In another word, What you have written is wrong! But writing a wrong book is right (in a way).  Or else where on earth we can get Mr. sleeping Introspectif  wrote such an indepth article above on the do’s and don’ts of being a Muslim writer. Please Dina, don’t mock yourself next time. Don’t follow what other people want you to write. Islam is perfect. We aren’t.

p.s. My first written article ‘The Only Few’ was rejected by the Stars.  Blessing in disguise, GEMPAMELAYU was born!


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