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Ibrahim Hussein (1936-2009)

“To me, painting is like praying. When I paint, I am dealing with my heart, my work and God. There is deep joy and gratitude. Each piece frames a moment in my life.” (Picture and quote taken from Malaysian Artists blog) IbrahimHussein (1936 – 2008) Dato Ibrahim Hussein has met his maker. I was informed that the legendary Malaysian painter died this morning at 4:30 am at…

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Ibrahim Hussein. Me he infomado de este artista genial. Todo gracias a usted wazari. Usted quiere a su país. Usted ama el arte de su país. Usted cree en el arte,..en consecuencia ama al ser interior. Es uno de los pocas personas,por no decir escasos que Destacan los artístas de su país. Los artistas reflejan los momentos de la sociedad. Dan lectura a los momentos del entorno. Son los símbolos eternos del espacio alli vivido Todos estos conceptos están en los artistas. Los artistas hacen hablar es espíritu social de las comunidades. Es muy importante destacar los artistas de nuestro mundo. Existen muchos que están en el olvido. Buena intención y capacidad para mostrar a sus artístas. Felicitaciones amigo.  Posted 11 months ago. ( permalink )    by  pedroalejandrob

Very early this morning, I received a text message from my friend, Akramsyah and another one later from Salahuddin, about the passing of one of Malaysia‘s finest artists – Datuk Ibrahim Hussein. To me, Allahyarham tiada banding dan tanding. Affectionately known as Ib, he died of a heart attack at the Pantai Medical Centre early this morning. He was 72. He leaves behind a wife, Sim Hussein,…

Ibrahim Hussein, an award-winning Malaysian artist whose abstract works with a political edge were admired by royalty at home and collectors abroad, died Thursday.


GM: Al Fatiha  semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat… Allahyarham a I observed from far was a humble person…”seperti harimau menyembunyikan kukunya”.  Like a tiger who hides it’s paws – A person who does not like boast his ability/strength.


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