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Rudy Van Dalm

This is the first time I have heard the song and I love it, though the middle guitar solo portion sounds familiar. Rudy sings well and the SE Asian melody is a joy. It also enlightens me on Indo-Rock of the 1960s when I started listening to Ventures, Shadows, and the like.    

quoted by someone

Dutch Indo-Rock band Rudy van Dalm & The Royal Rhythmics from Nijmegen. The arrangement of this half instrumental/vocal song by Rudy van Dalm is a mixture of the traditional Malayan folksong Terang Boelan (Bulan) with Surf Rider of The Ventures.

quoted by somebody else

“Terang Bulan” is one of those traditional songs common to many peoples in the Malay (not necessarily Malaysian) cultural sphere. The song is both known in Indonesia and Malaysia as a traditional song.

quoted by a person named  the “Anynamous” (lost kin of Lord Aragon)

Terang Bulan or Terang Boelan borrowed the tune of the national anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku. The tune was originally used as the state anthem of Perak. Visit… for more info

quoted by a person by the “arezeo”

Mooi liedje uit de oude doos voor mijn VOLvriendjes om naar te luisteren. Pic’s zijn er willekeurig ingegooid. Toch een leuk effect, al zeg ik het zelf.

quoted by a “flying Dutch” ( he acted in Pirates of Carribean not sure which sequel)

Terang Boelan (fast beat)

Terang Boelan (slow beat)

Dibawah Sinar Bulan Purnama

GM: This is what I called Entertaiment Exploration, such an overwhelming feeling of joy discovering something new, something of high important, something close to our heart, “Terang Boelam”


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