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Universitas Hang Tuah

An illusion Academy.

Please don’t be mistaken Universiti Hang Tuah is not in Malacca. It seems that ‘Hang Tuah’ has gone back to his state of origin. Universitas Hang Tuah is located in Surabaya, Indonesia and was officially opened on 12th May 1987. Universitas Hang Tuah or UHT in short is an institution for maritime and nautical studies. UHT was developed under Republic Indonesia (RI) Naval Forces’ development and academic programmes (Angkatan Laut dalam pembangunan pendidikan). Ironically, in Malacca there is also an institution that offer similar study, A.L.A.M or Akademi Laut Malaysia (1997) a privatised body. Although UHT is  based on maritime studies, it also offer studies in other fields, namely Business Study, law, Medical, Dentistry and Psychology.

The main faculty, ie, the faculty of Maritime and Nautical (Fakultas Teknik dan Ilmu Kelautan) offers several courses namely maritime techniques (Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan), machinery and mechanical technique (Jurusan Teknik Pemesinan Kapal),  electrical engineering (Jurusan Teknik Elektro), fishery techniques/ deep sea fishing  (Jurusan Perikanan), and chemical and geology oceanography (Jurusan Oseanografi).

ALAM is more straightforward and exclusive for the study of Maritime. ALAM is a Branch Campus of the World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden and has also established formal alliances with other leading maritime education and training institutions in Australia, Norway, The Netherlands, Singapore and The United Kingdom. On 15 August 1981, MTC was subsequently upgraded to academy status and thus named ALAM, short for Akademi Laut Malaysia (Malaysian Maritime Academy). On 1 January 1997, ALAM was privatised to Malaysian Maritime Academy Sdn Bhd (MMA). ALAM’s curriculum has been accredited with the DNV SeaSkill Certification for the Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering courses (pre-sea and post-sea), benchmarks against MET leaders.

The New ‘Hang Tuah Academy’

Review and Comparison

Information gathered from both websites are yet limited but also resourceful as these are their platforms for adverstising and introducing their establishments.  UHT website is in Bahasa Indonesia, targeted for Indonesian readers.  ALAM is in English.  If you happened to be in ALAM website, there is no indication that this institution is located at historical Hang Tuah’s mother land, Malacca.  The top management and key figures are non Malay.  It is strictly a professional business entity with vast western education maritime influence.

In contrast, UHT is very much philosophical in their mission and vision.  However, it got cluttered with non related fields of studies.  UHT does not have affiliation/accredition with or from  international but only those of RI bodies.  At this juncture this review couldnot comment on existing facilities but from the visit to both sites, it could be assumes that ALAM has better facilities and in depth maritime and nautical programmes.  Nevertheless, UHT is more towards uplifting the spirits of nationality and Malay dignity.  There is no strategic alliance formed between UHT and ALAM  eventhough they share the same Sundas plate.

GM wishlist

What does GEMPAMELAYU wish?

  • Strategic allience, the least that both institutions could do.
  • Total merge between the two institutions, having a headquarter in Malacca taking  the new name ‘Academy Hang Tuah’, with existing branches in Surabaya and Trengganu.
  • To adopt ALAM maritime education system which is more acceptable in term of world standard.
  • The new ‘Academy Hang Tuah’ should also an academy with Malay identity. As Malay’s fore fathers were well known seafarers.
  • Academy Hang Tuah should extend its academic programs that offer courses and facilities for ship building.
  • Academy Hang Tuah should be a corporatised body, of which Government Related Companies (GLCs) of both RI and Malaysia share the stakeholders.
  • Academy Hang Tuah should prioritise its intake for Malay students of any nationality.

by peacebuy

6th February 2009

More information please link to the websites below:

Universitas Hang Tuah Surabaya

Jl Arief Rahman Hakim 150 Surabaya


Telp. 031 594 5894

website :

email :

Akademi Laut Malaysia

Window Delivery 2051

Masjid Tanah Post Office

78300 Masjid Tanah

Melaka, Malaysia


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