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Raja Menangis

The first reaction when I first stumbled upon this precious website, was ‘sebak’ (touch).  My heart was suddenly heavy. The title itself ‘menangis’ carries the profound meaning not only to the owner of the site, (which I pressumed at least a member of a Malay royalty) but also reflected the deep feelings of the Institution of Monarchy in Malaysia. Kings don’t cry, they never cry.  Kings and tears do not belong to each others.  Tears belong to the unfortunate, the poor, the oppressed, the victims.  But why Malay Kings do cry (Raja Menangis)? The title speaks by itself.

Raja Menangis has been online since since early 2008, located at Currently a new website of Raja Menangis is still under construction. .  For the past months, I have struggled to read and understand one of the Malay treasured books, Hikayat Hang Tuah.  And from my reading insight Hikayat Hang Tuah, the Sultan or Raja during the great Malay civilisation was placed as parallel to the Creator, Allah subhanallahwataala, and sometimes was referred as God. Such a powerful, such an  important figure was a Malay King the in Sultanate Malacca Era (Kesultanan Melayu Melaka).

During the Sultanate Malacca era, as depicted in Hikayat Hang Tuah, words of  Malay King were ultimate.  There were no alternative, no comparison let alone opposition.  Regardless how truth, how cruel, the words could be, the King words must be obeyed.  But regardless, the characters of the King, the King was seen as the symbol of dignity for Malay race. Not just in the books, stories or lips, but I could feel that any citizen from the Sakai to the Orang Kaya have had the feeling of belonging, of dignity under the rule of Malay Sultan.

Anyway, the site is rich with historical facts on Malay Monarchy in Malaysia.  There are articles about Sultans of different states, articles of historical and political milestones happened that changed the facet of Malay Kingdom and malay population.  There were also some  theories of Malay historical facts, for example, the thoery that Hang Li Po was not actually a daughter of the Emperor of China, but insteads she could be any of the daughters of the Palace officials.

What does GEMPAMELAYU wish for Raja Menagis?

  • Review of the Laws Treaties. Hong Kong was given back to China. Malaysia should be given back to the Malay Monarchy.
  • East Malaysia (no Sultan) should be under Sultanate Brunei and subsequently Malaysia and Brunei should become one country under a Malay Sultan.
  • The name Tanah Melayu should be reinstate to depict the new Malaysia.
  • Revamp the educational system, to reinstate Sekolah Melayu Bistari. (Combination of deep study of the past and new e-learning reseach based educational system)
  • To change the names of local univesities to names of the great Malay Sultans, e.g. Univ Malaya to Sultan Muzzafar Shah Univ.
  • Raja jangan menangis lagi…

by peacebuy

6th February 2009

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